Entrepreneur on her way

Chantelle Sharples’ smile can disarm any angry customer.


It is no wonder she managed to warm the hearts of Ilembe Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism’s 2013 Entrepreneur Competition judges to walk away with second prize.


With her prizes and the invaluable knowledge she gained from the competition Chantelle has managed to take her business to a new level.


Chantelle’s business, Etiquette, provides waiter training and hospitality services.


“My greatest intention is that the staff that I provide will become an extension of my customers’ business as they will be able to promote and be ambassadors for their brands,” she said.


Originally from Johannesburg, Chantelle started her business there but later moved to the North Coast in search of a better lifestyle.


Being part of the Entrepreneur competition was not quite as easy as Chantelle had thought it would be.


“You receive tremendous support – exposure, mentorship, focus for your business, back-up support – but it is not for free, you have to work for it. What you put in is what you get,” she said.


Following the competition, the exposure received from the Entrepreneur program coupled with the advertising sponsorship from the North Coast Courier certainly got Chantelle’s business noticed.


Apart from being a hospitality ninja, Chantelle is a qualified textile designer, wife and the mother of two lovely children.


She had these words to offer to aspiring entrepreneurs: “Do not be afraid to follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid to put in the commitment. Because without the commitment you don’t get the rewards.”



Courtesy of the North Coast Courier