Feedback on UIP - March 2014



Please click here to view the Map of the demarcated area for the UIP.


The UIP is making real headway in gaining ever increasing commercial property support. 

We need to highlight the need all signed forms from commercial property owners to be returned to the Chamber offices.  Clare can supply you with the form, please call 087 727 8630 or   


We need to take control of our future in Ballito and the UIP is the answer.


One property, one vote!  We need yours. 


We need a total of 270 forms to reach 51%. We are more than half way as we have 157 forms to date and need another 113.   


Ballito is experiencing increasing levels of urban decay, specifically around the issues of crime, grime, by-law enforcement and general deterioration of public areas. This is negatively impacting on property values, investor confidence, business and the quality of life in Ballito.


The Ilembe Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism has led the drive to establish an Urban Improvement Precinct (UIP) or City Improvement Precinct (CID) as it is known in Cape Town, to turn around the management of public areas in Ballito – see letter attached from the CEO.


Clare is running presentations every 2nd Wednesday at the ilembe Chamber offices the next 2 events being the 19th March and 2nd April at 8am. Please email clare   We can then supply you with the legal framework, Non Profit Company governance structures, geographic boundary, scope of services, budget, reporting etc.


The initial target date to operationalise the UIP was August this year, unfortunately we only got Municipal Policy approved and go-ahead at the end of October 2013. We commenced the process on 1 November which required that by 15 January (municipal deadline) to have secured written support from 51% of 525 commercial property owners, given the festive season, it was not realistic. Clare is driving the petition process, to date we have secured 55% of total property value and 30% of total property owner support, our target date for securing 51%  of support is April. However we are aiming to secure a higher support threshold as it will take a collective commitment to turn around Ballito. Once 51% support is achieved an official application will be lodged with the municipality requesting commencement in the municipal financial year 1 July 2015. Once approved the municipality will pro rata the budget amongst all commercial property owners within the UIP boundary, i.e. no free loaders.

Other UIP organisations.


Please find a letter from Wayne Steinforth who is a property owner in Florida Road and the Chairman of the Florida Road UIP.


It is with regret that I read a recent article on how Ballitos UIP had not gained enough traction to achieve the 51 % required by council , in only a few months Florida road has been transformed from an area plagued by opportunistic vagrants , drug dealers openly selling on street corners and evening restaurant goers  afraid to return to their parked cars now to an area of relative safety ,  the public government partnership having given us a platform  to have a dedicated process in place that we never had before  , a road manager , a cleaning team , a greening team , dedicated  armed response vehicles  aligned with walking security patrols and a car guard management company , essentially the partnership reversed the urban decay and we are now on the up , besides the massive impact of the security component council is assisting us with lighting , they have tarred the top end  of the road , repaired the pavements , and assisted us in cleaning up , the visual impact of being in and out of the UIP is very noticeable and we are regularly called by residents in adjoining roads asking how they can come on board . 


Brian and Clare have also been promoting the UIP on the I love Ballito website.  Follow the links to hear the latest news:


Clare Swithenbank-Bowman  interview


Brian Wrights interview




From: Angela Plekker []
Sent: 05 February 2014 09:56 AM

Subject: UIP - presentation Salmon Bay House


UIP – Ballito


I am a commercial property owner within the UIP selected area who went to go and see a short presentation on the UIP.


It was in short very impressive and will have an enormous impact on our town. What it will essentially do is AT WORST make sure that our town stays as it is but in a secure, well maintained and ‘not scruffy’ environment, and it won’t degenerate into the towns we see all over South Africa, but AT BEST it will be able to enhance the existing facilities and continually ‘better’ the environment of the town so that it will stand out as a really special well maintained and first world town.


What they do on a day to day basis is continually monitor the council employees who are around but who are never overseen and therefore never go the full distance. This is cleaners, garden maintenance, beach cleaners, general maintenance etc. – so they will be ensuring that our rates are being properly utilized – that is AMAZING for a start. They will also be liasing direct will business owners and pressurizing them to take on individual upgrades and behave responsibly – also an AMAZING function.


They will for an example be able to take up issue like our neighbour who has nor enclosed cleaning yard right at our main entrance etc.


How they describe their function is to PARTNER with the council – therefore it is imperative for them to stay in a good healthy working relationship with the council officials and workers (this has been very successfully achieved where it has been done in other places) – something none of us can really do properly when you are trying to work at the same time.


I think it is really a total necessity in our current situation here in South Africa. The counter argument is of course that we pay our rates so we should expect good service.......but the reality is that our town has to drop below the level of others in our KwaDukuza area before we can properly argue that we are not getting our share of service. That is a scary thought – thats why i think this is a fantastic and easily workable undertaking. I think we should support it entirely.