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Y N Construction - The construction industry is currently deemed a high impact industry and we fully acknowledge our moral and legal responsibility to safeguard the environment and the wellbeing of all those affected by the activities of the company. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of environmental protection throughout every phase of construction process and seek to do so by rigorously applying the best practice principles of environmental management. We have embraced the importance of protecting the environment and have made sustainable development of our overall strategic goals. We strive to achieve this goal in four key way; being transparent about our environmental management; maintaining an environmental managements systems (EMS); minimising our construction footprint by adhering to all legislative requirements, and by improving awareness throughout YN Construction through training and awareness initiatives. 

Industry Type:
Property & Related Services
Contact Nr:
Brent Youens 082 462 5553

YETHEMBA COMMUNITY SUPPORT ORGANIZATION is a NPO that runs multipurpose programs.  We have a heart to see youth and woman empowered through offering them skills such as training in baking, sewing, cultural bead-work, art, cooking, child care and shoe making. We also offer learner-ship programs for carpentry, bookkeeping, tourism and computer skills.  We offer career guidance and extra lessons to High School Students with the assistance of our retired expert teachers and other professionals.  
We have a desire to see assistance given to chronic patients, that would form part of our home-base care, as well as disaster stricken families.
Industry Type:
Non-profit organizations
Contact Nr:
Samukelisiwe 082 589 6122