A Sustainable Support Plan for Ithemba Labasha Crèche in Shaka’s Head


In 2013 the Ballito Street Heroes event, in an attempt to assist, identified Ithemba Labasha Crèche as their adopted CSI project.


Prior to 2014 Doreen Yengwa has struggled to keep the crèche going due to the drying up of overseas funding and during that period thanks must go to Jarred Pillay and his family as well as leitsch landscapes for the support they gave to Doreen and the creche. Thanks must also go to the efforts of the "Soul Sisters" ( Charlene, Sam and Jolene), who have supported Doreen with food and gas over the past three years. Through the efforts of all of these people Doreen was able to keep the crèche open.

in September 2013 The Ballito Street Heroes event, mainly due to the generous support of the event sponsors Shaun Duminy and the SMD Group, raised R37000 at a fundraising cocktail party. It was important for the event organizers to ensure that the crèche was given these funds within a monitored and sustainable framework.


Over the past three months the Novos Group and the Soul Sisters have been working with the Ilembe Chambers of Commerce and TREE, an organization specializing in creating sustainable and properly staffed crèches to ensure that the money raised for Ithemba Labasha was used in the best possible way. Soul sisters : Samantha van rensburg, Jolene de Sousa and Charlene Phytides 



TREE recognize that early childhood is a critical period in an individuals development as this is when the foundations for physical, cognitive and emotional development are laid. Numerous studies highlight that exposure of children to biological and psychosocial risk factors associated with poverty leads to inequalities in early development, which reinforces the cycle of poverty. In their essential programme package they cover: early stimulation and learning, health, social care, birth registration, nutrition, disability and parenting. This programme aims to improve and increase development opportunities for children under 5, address children’s basic rights to survival, protection and development and promote a seamless transition for young children from home to school.


The Ilembe Chamber of Commerce and TREE have identified 21 crèches in the Ballito region that require a sustainable and effective infrastructure. They are now identifying sponsors to adopt each of the 21 crèches so that the proper training and operational infrastructure can be implemented.


Ballito Street Heroes has adopted Ithemba Labasha as part of this initiative and the R37000 raised at last year’s Street Heroes event will be handed over to the Ilembe Chamber of Commerce and TREE so that Ithemba Labasha can be placed immediately on the TREE project management list. Novos Group and the Soul Sisters will continue with their fundraising efforts so that they can add to the sustainability of the project.


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